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Fit Flash to browser

How to span Flash movie to 100% of the browser window

fit flash to browserfit flash

This example demonstrates how to create a HTML file that fits the Flash movie to the size of the browser window.

Open Flash in a new window

  1. Open your Flash project and choose File > Export Web Page
  2. If prompted save SWF file as test.swf
  3. Choose JavaScript Object optionexport
  4. Alligator will export website filesswf js
  5. Download the following zip file and extract contents to the same folder where your test.swf file has been
  6. Double click test100 to verify if it displays your Flash movie
  7. Modify test100 file to adjust the background color or the path to your swf filecolor picker
  8. If required change the name test100 to index so it will be the default file on the website


To find out the background color of your movie choose Movie > Export Options and click Background Color

Your Flash project may have custom size, but the best proportions are
10:6 (browser window). You can set the frame size to
1000 x 600 pixels.
If you plan to design a full screen presentation in kiosk mode (without browser toolbars)
you can choose standard screen proportions
4:3 for example 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 pixels,
or setup 16:9 widescreen proportions for example 800 x 450 or HD compatible 1280 x 720.

Download source project (15 kb)

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