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Path Movement


Download source project: (1 KB)

  1. Create a new document and set frame size to 700 x 400
  2. Choose the Line tool and draw the movement path.
    The path should have several segments
    Apply 0 line with to itmove line
  3. Draw 2 black ellipses at both ends of the linepath
  4. Draw a new ellipse and resize it to 25×25 pixels
  5. Choose Item > Gradient Fill and select “Light” optioncolor ball
  6. Choose Animation > Motion and select the movement path for the ballpath one
  7. Duplicate the ball 4 times, choose Edit > Duplicateduplicate
  8. Select each ball and increase path offset to 5%, 10%, 15% and 20% respectively
  9. Press F9 to play the movie
  10. You can also change colors of each ball with Item > Gradient Fill

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