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Machine Gears.

Create 2 wheels and put them on the move.


Download source project (2 kb)

You can use the source file for your own projects.

  1. Launch Flash Designer and set frame size at 300 x 300 (Frame > Frame Size)
  2. Draw a circle (hold Ctrl to draw equal edges)
  3. Resize the circle to 100 x 100 pixels (choose Item > Resize)
  4. Remove the outline (choose Item > Line Width > None)
  5. Click a color of the palette to fill the circle with a solid colorcircle
  6. Draw the top cog (with the Line tool) and click the same color of the palette to apply the color to the cog. Apply 5 pixels line width to it (choose Item > Line Width > 5 px)top cog
  7. Duplicate the cog. Choose Item > Rotate > Rotate Arbitraryrotate cog

    It will create additional 35 cogs rotated by 10 degrees each (full circle has 360 degrees so we need 36 cogs total). Use half of the circle height to define the center of rotation (Y offset).

    merge cog

  8. Use Selection Arrow to select all cogs (draw a rectangle around them). Choose Edit > Combine.
  9. Press Ctrl+A to select both circle and cogs. Choose Edit > Align > Center on Pagemerge full cog
  10. Choose Edit > Group to create single objectedit grup
  11. Choose “Animation” > “Motion” and select Rotation 1 (ultra slow). Click animation
  12. Choose Edit > Duplicate and copy the item. Press arrow keys to align the item preciselyduplicate cog
  13. Choose “Animation” > “Motion” and select Direction CCW to rotate the second wheel counter-clockwise. Click OK.
  14. Hit F9 for preview

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