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Insert dynamic Video or Flash movie (external SWF file)

Display external Flash file inside Flash Designer movie.
You have to convert Video files (mpeg or avi) to SWF format before you can import them.

Minimum Flash Designer version Verify your version under Help > About.

Create main movie:

  1. Create a new document and set the size to 300 x 300 (“Frame” > “Frame Size”)
  2. Set “Frame 1” to “Stop” (“Frame” > “Frame Delay” and check “Stop”, click OK)
  3. Choose “Insert” > “Flash”
  4. Type the file path, for example “submovie.swf” (without quotes) or browse for the file and click OKMovie Loader
  5. The movie will appear as a blank rectangleYou can resize the movie so it will be easier to position it on the frame. Select the submovie and choose Item > Resize. Uncheck “Keep Proportions” and enter the width and height of the submovie.


  6. Hit F9 to for preview, the external file must be available at the specified path 
  7. Export Flash file with ‘File’ > ‘Export Flash SWF File’ command to the same folder where your submovie.swf file is located.

If the movie doesn’t appear use the test URL in the path:

Movie Loader

If you use absolute path like the above you can see the movie under regular preview (‘Movie’ > ‘Play Animation’)

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