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Control sound volume with ActionScript.

Click “Play” and then arrows to adjust sound volume:

sound volume

Minimum Flash Designer version:

Download source project (826 kb)

  1. Launch Flash Designer and set movie dimensions 180 x 180 (or any desired).
  2. Change frame delay to “Stop”.
  3. Extract “sound1.mp3” file from and import the sound with Movie > Import Sound
  4. Choose “Frame” > “ActionScript” and paste the code:
    mySnd = new Sound();mySnd.attachSound("sound1.mp3");volume = 100;
  5. Choose “Insert” > “Navigation” and insert play, stop, up and down buttons.
  6. Extract “equalizer.sfd” file from Choose “Movie” > “Insert Flash Designer Clip” and insert “equalizer.sfd” file. Choose “Item” > “Placement Properties” and check “ActionScript Target”
  7. Define “OnClick” action for Up arrow:
    volume = volume + 10;if(volume>100) volume = 100;mySnd.setVolume(volume);
  8. Define “OnClick” action for Down arrow:
    volume = volume - 10;if(volume<0) volume = 0;mySnd.setVolume(volume);
  9. Define “OnClick” action for Play arrow:
    mySnd.start(0,100);equalizer.gotoAndPlay("Frame 2");
  10. Define “OnClick” action for Stop button:
    mySnd.stop();equalizer.gotoAndPlay("Frame 1");

Hit F9 for preview.

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