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Virtual Trash: Flash Tutorials.

Use startDrag, stopDrag, _droptarget, onPress and onRelease functions to simulate virtual trash.


This tutorial is advanced, you have to understand basic commands of Flash Designer.

Download source project (86 kb)

  1. Launch Flash Designer and set movie dimensions 300 x 300.
  2. Create 4 blank frames with “Frame” > “Insert” so you have “Frame 1” to “Frame 5” in the frame list.

Frame 1

  1. Download file and extract trash images.
  2. Import image “pieceofpaper.gif” (File > Import Image) and move it outside visible area.
  3. Convert it to sprite (Edit > Convert to Sprite), name it “Garbage” and check “ActionScript” target (Item > Placement Properties)
  4. Import image “opentrash.gif” and move it to X:170, Y:118 (Edit > Move To) .
  5. Draw an ellipse over the hole of the trash. Set fill color to black, 1% opacity, no line
  6. Convert it to sprite, name it “Hole” and check “ActionScript” target
  7. Add the text “Put all papers into trash”
  8. Add Frame ActionScript (Frame > ActionScript):

Frame 2

  1. Add the text “GET READY!”
  2. Set background to “Frame 1”

Frame 3

  1. Set frame delay to “Stop”
  2. Set background to “Frame 1”
  3. Import “laser.wav” sound and set the frame sound
  4. Add Frame ActionScript:
    maxpapers = maxpapers * 2; // at each run increase the number of piecescollected = 0; // count collected itemsfunction checkifallcollected(){	// check if all items are collected and go to congratulations frame	if(collected==maxpapers) gotoAndPlay("Frame 4");}// this array will hold all piecesvar garbages = new Array();// create maxpapers piecesfor(i=0;i<maxpapers;i++){	// create new instance of the paper	garbage[i] = Garbage.duplicateMovieClip("garbage"+i,100+i); 	// put it in random place and random rotation	garbage[i]._x = 30+100*Math.random();	garbage[i]._y = 30+200*Math.random();	garbage[i]._rotation = 360*Math.random();		// define mouse events	garbage[i].onPress=function() { this.startDrag();};	garbage[i].onRelease=function() 		{			// check if this piece hits the hole			if(this._droptarget=="/Hole") 			 {this.removeMovieClip();collected++;}						stopDrag();			checkifallcollected();		};	}

Frame 4

  1. Import “elecshot.wav” sound and set the frame sound
  2. Import image “closedtrash.gif” and move it to X:174, Y:163.

Frame 5

  1. Set frame delay to 3 seconds
  2. Set background to “Frame 4”
  3. Set loop to frame 2 (“Frame” > “Loop” command)
  4. Import “clap.wav” sound and set the frame sound

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