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Draw in a Flash movie.


  1. Create a new document and set the size to 400 x 300 (“Frame” > “Frame Size”)
  2. Set “Frame 1” to “Stop” (“Frame” > “Frame Delay” and check “Stop”, click OK)
  3. Draw the pen cursor using the Shape tool. Select both shapes and choose “Edit” > “Convert to Sprite”. Quit the sprite with “Esc” key. See movie.
  4. Select the sprite and choose “Item” > “Placement Properties”. Check “ActionScript Target” and rename the item to “PenItem”:porperti
  5. Choose “Frame” > “ActionScript” and paste the following code:
    _root.createEmptyMovieClip("myLine", 0);  // create blank movie to draw onfunction moveroutine() // this moves the pen to follow the mouse{ PenItem._x = _xmouse;  PenItem._y = _ymouse - PenItem._height; }function drawroutine() // this draws the line when the button is pressed{  myLine.lineTo(_xmouse, _ymouse);  moveroutine(); }_root.onMouseMove = moveroutine; // initially we only move the pen _root.onMouseDown = function() // when the user clicks the button {    myLine.moveTo(_xmouse, _ymouse);   myLine.lineStyle(2, 0xff0000, 100);   _root.onMouseMove = drawroutine;}_root.onMouseUp = function() // when the button is released{   _root.onMouseMove = moveroutine;}

Hit F9 to preview the flash movie.

NOTE: You have to target Flash Player 6 or above.

Download source project (4 kb)

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