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Pass arguments to Flash movie.

To pass parameters use query string after the name of SWF file. In the following example a query string was used:

<PARAM NAME="MOVIE" VALUE="t1039.swf?parameter1=123456789">




To use a parameter in Flash movie follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Flash Designer and create a blank document.
  2. Set the frame delay to “Stop” (“Frame” > “Frame Delay”).
  3. Draw a dynamic text box (with the edit field tool), the box should appear as “Edit1”
  4. Choose “Frame” > “ActionScript” and enter the code to initialize the boxEdit1 = parameter1;
  5. Enter parameters under “Movie” > “Export Options”Parameter
  6. Export SWF file and choose “File” > “View HTML Code” to verify if the agrument is visible in the code:embed code

Hit F9 to preview the movie.

Choose “File” > “Export Web Page” to view a sample web page with the movie.

Drive the parameter with ASP or PHP

As you have the HTML code ready you can build the query string dynamically with ASP or PHP.

ASP example:

<PARAM NAME="MOVIE" VALUE="t1039.swf?parameter1=<% =asp_parameter %>">

PHP example:

<PARAM NAME="MOVIE" VALUE="t1039.swf?parameter1=<? print($php_parameter); ?>">

Make the same changes to EMBED part of the Flash tag.

Of course you have to run the HTML page through your web server so it can execute ASP or PHP code.

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