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startDrag and stopDrag in ActionScript.

by Alan Burkhart


If you need to be able to drag several objects (one at a time) in a single frame this is a good way to get it done. You can click and drag either of
the rectangles below:


NOTE: Minimum Flash Designer version 5.0.17 (verify revision number under “Help” > “About…”, download update if required)

Follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new .sfd file.
  2. Set the frame delay to “Stop”.
  3. Size the frame at about 300×250.
  4. Create 2 small shapes (about 80×80) and give them different fill colors.
  5. Select one of the shapes and click Edit > Convert to Sprite.
  6. Right-click it and click “Placement Properties”.
  7. Check the “Action-Script Target” checkbox and click OK (This is important! Nothing works without it.)
  8. Click the other shape and repeat the process.

Next, highlight and copy the script below, then right-click on the frame (not a rectangle) and click ActionScript in the context menu. Paste the
script into the dialog and change the Sprite number to match yours (Change “Sprite5” to “Sprite3” for example) if needed.

Sprite3.onPress = function()
Sprite3.onRelease = function()

Sprite4.onPress = function()
Sprite4.onRelease = function()

Click the Preview button to see the results of your labor.

HINT: To drag a text object, it’s easier if you place the text on top of a rectangular shape and group them, then convert them to a sprite.
Otherwise, the mouse pointer has to be directly over the text to drag it. You’ll “miss” if you point and click between the letters. You can make the
shape the same color as your background and it won’t be noticed.

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See also: _droptarget property