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Mouse Over Effect.

This tutorial demonstrates how to enlarge an image on mouse over.

mouse over effect

Create 2 static frames (set Delay to “Stop”) with small and large images. Set small image OnOver action to jump to Frame 2 and set large image OnOut action to jump back to Frame 1:

  1. Launch Flash Designer. Choose “Frame” > “Frame Size” to set movie dimensions to match your image size.
  2. Choose “File” &gt “Import Image”. Select image file and and click OK. Choose “Edit” > “Align” > “Center On Page” if necessary.
  3. Choose “Frame” > “Frame Delay”. Check “Stop” and click OK. This will create static frame instead of animated.
  4. Choose “Frame” > “Insert” and select “Before Current Frame” to add a blank frame at the beginning.
  5. Choose “File” &gt “Import Image” to import the same image, or use “Copy” & “Paste” to copy the image to the first frame.
  6. Choose “Select” tool and decrease the image on the first frame.
  7. Make sure the smaller image is selected with the selection tool so you can apply OnOver effect. Choose “Action” > “On Over”.
  8. Select “Go to Frame” and choose “Frame 2”. Click OK.
  9. Go to the second frame (Frame 2) and select large image with the “Select” tool.
  10. Choose “Action” > “On Out”.
  11. Select “Go to Frame” and choose “Frame 1”. Click OK.
  12. Press F9 to preview the animation.

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