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Launching email from Flash animation.


Create 2 edit fields for email address and for subject. Name email field “Address” and subject field “Subject”. Create “Send” button. Use the following ActionScript code for button’s OnUp (or OnClick) event:

mailto = "mailto:" + Address + "?subject=" + Subject;getURL(mailto,"_self");
  1. Launch Flash Designer. Choose “Frame” > “Frame Size” to set movie size (200 x 200).
  2. Choose “Edit Field” tool and draw 2 edit fields.
  3. Choose “Select” tool. Double click each edit field and change “Variable name” to “Address” and “Subject”. Make sure HTML is not checked.
  4. Choose “Button” tool and draw a button below edit fields.
  5. Choose “Select” tool. Choose “Action” > “OnClick”. Select “Action Script” and enter the code. Click OK.
    mailto = "mailto:" + Address + "?subject=" + Subject;getURL(mailto,"_self");


  6. Change frame duration to “stop” (choose “Frame” > “Frame Delay” and check “Stop”, click OK)
  7. Press F9 to preview the animation.

Download Flash Designer SFD file:


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To set fixed email address and subject use Get URL field:

on up action


Mailto Syntax

Address message to multiple recipients,   (comma separating e-mail addresses)
Add entry in the “Subject” fieldsubject=Subject Text
Add entry in the “Copy To” or “CC”
Add entry in the “Blind Copy To” or “BCC”
Add entry in the “Body” fieldbody=Your message here

Separate parameters with &.


Breaking the body into lines

Use %0A as line break, for example: body has%0Atwo lines

Sending email directly from Flash

Flash Player will launch your default mail application to complete and send out the email. To send the email directly you have to execute a web based email script, usually provided by your internet provider. We can’t give any exact instructions because the script is provider specific. You have to build a query string and use getURL function to execute the script, for example:

body = "This is message body";email = "";querystring = "";querystring += "body=" + body + "&email=" + email;getURL(querystring,"_self");

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