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Mouse Over Effect.

mouse over

To create a frame that will appear when the user moves the mouse over some item:

  1. Launch Flash Designer. Choose “Frame” > “Frame Size” to set movie dimensions (400 x 200).
  2. Choose “Text” tool and click on the frame. Type the text (for example “mouse over”) and click OK.
  3. Move the text to the top left edge.
  4. Choose “Frame” > “Frame Delay”. Check “Stop” and click OK. This will stop the movie at this frame.
  5. Choose “Frame” > “Insert” to add a blank frame.
  6. In the “Frame list” toolbox change the background to “Frame 1”. “Mouse over” text should appear on the new frame.
  7. Choose a rectangle tool and draw a rectangle on the frame. It will appear when you move the mouse over the text. You can change rectangle color by using “Item” > “Fill Color” command.
  8. Choose “Intro” > “Intro Animation”. Select “Fly” and click OK.
  9. Go back to the first frame (Frame 1). You can either select the frame from the “Frame list” toolbox or press “PgUp” key.
  10. Make sure “mouse over” is selected, if not choose “Select” tool and select it.
  11. Choose “Action” > “On Over”.
  12. Select “Go to Frame” and choose “Frame 2”. Click OK.
  13. Choose “Action” > “On Out”.
  14. Select “Go to Frame” and choose “Frame 1”. Click OK.
  15. Press F9 to preview the animation.

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