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Animating Items.

To apply intro and outro effects:

  1. Launch Flash Designer. Choose “Frame” > “Frame Size” to set movie dimensions.
  2. Choose “Rectangle” tool and draw a rectangle on the frame. Choose “Item” > “Fill Color”. Change rectangle color to anything else than white.
  3. Press F9 to preview the animation. Rectangle is static. Hit “Alt+F4” to close preview.
  4. Choose “Intro” > “Intro Animation”
  5. Check Enable and choose “Fly In”. Click OK.
  6. Press F9 to preview the animation. The rectangle will fly from left edge. Hit “Alt+F4” to close preview.
  7. Choose “Outro” > “Outro Animation”
  8. Check Enable, choose “Fly Out” and “to right edge”. Click OK.
  9. Press F9 to see intro and outro animation.

moving box

Applying in-frame motion effect.

  1. Make sure the rectangle is still selected.
  2. Choose “Animation” > “Motion”
  3. Set the following motion options; speed 2, rotation 5 and zoom 2. Click OK.
  4. Press F9 to preview.

rotating box