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“Very Good SWF Compiler”
Love this program, easy to use and very cool. Thank you, by the way to the publishers of the compiler, like I said, I love this program.


“INCREDIBLE! I mean seriously”
I downloaded it and it was amazing. I was looking around the web for many flash programs. All of them would have a catch – ads, no save allowed, barely any features, annoying ads telling you to BUY IT NOW !@#$IT. This program is great. Anyone who is interested in flash SHOULD DOWNLOAD THIS. It may be holding back some features but still great.

“So easy!”
This program took me only a few mins to load on my 56k modem (pretty good), and it is real easy to use. I wanted to make an intro 4 my site and I made one in an average sort of time. Sometimes it didn’t show my text in the animation though, and it got a bit annoying. I wish it was free though. And I wish you could edit existing Flash animations… otherwise it was great.


“Wow!! Done in minutes!”
A very simple program, you need some program backround though. Otherwise, I think this program is great and easy to use, especially the tutorials!

Simplicity is the way life should be…

“Excellent Tool”
It was much easier to use the Macromedia Flash MX…it took me 2 minutes to learn to use the tool and I have completed the design I required….which I would have spent more to buy it of from the shelf….thanks….


“the best ive seen so far”
ive been searching far and wide for something like this. ive downloaded just about ever flash animator offered on and ive finally found a great, ADD-FREE, program that gives you tons of professional options that any beginner can figure out. THANKYOU SELTECO PEOPLE!

“It�s simply perfect ! � simplesmente perfeito !”
It�s perfect…coz you don�t use any kinds of codes, very esasy to use, was just what i was looking for !

Dyego Tinoco

“Something I can Understand”
I downloaded fIRE Works from, and it took me 4 hour. Then when I downloaded it, I deleted it. Tnen I found Seltece Flash Designer. I Like it because I can understand it more then any other designer.


“I LOVE this program…..”
The moment I downloaded this software, I started fiddling around with it and within minutes created 3 flash animations! It’s a breeze to use and the interface is very user-friendly. The help files are minimal, though….but overall I was very happy with this product. I recommend it to anyone with minimal to no knowledge in Flash to use this product!


“The Easiest Flash program I’ve Ever used!”
Selteco Flash Designer is a must for all webmasters!


“So easy!”
I struggled like crazy to learn and understand Macromedia’s Flash; this nice little program is a dream come true!!I learned and created my first animation within a few minutes! I just wished I had came across this sooner; it would’ve saved me a whole lot of grief….plus you can’t beat the price on it. 🙂

“Makes Flash Easier!!”
I was looking to do in Flash 5 exactly what this program does! If Flash 5 confuses you as much as it did me, Get this..


This is the best flash maker after Flash 5. Unlike Swish where when you export its in black and white and text is scrambled. This software isnt,it remains normal. This software is definately worth the money if you buy it!
Rob Fisher

“I love this tool”
I love your tools. They are well designed and very powerfull. I use them a lot and I’m glad that I purchased them. Thanks for a great product, and especially great tech support.