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Flash Slide Show

An esthetically pleasing slide show will make any webpage more attractive. Well thought-out transitions between individual images attract the viewer’s gaze and immediately present the product or service being offered.

A slide show should be placed at the top of a page as a so-called “leaderboard” or main image, so that it is visible without having to scroll down the page. It’s best to select from 3 to 5 images following the cinematic principles of rising and falling action. The first image is a long-shot, the second is a close-up, then comes an extreme close-up to details, then back to a regular close-up again, and finally the last image goes back to a long-shot.
A great program for creating slides is Alligator Flash Designer, which you can download here.
You can create a simple slide show using the wizard by selecting File > Wizards > Slide Show.

To make the images fade into one other when transitioning, check the Overlay option. Otherwise, the images will fade to black.
Each image has its focal point, which is the place where the viewer’s gaze turns first. If that point is far from the center, we can try to shift the image so that the focal point is revealed during the slide show. In order to do so, manually drag the image in higher resolution and place it so that the focal point is initially located outside of the frame. Then, you need to set the image movement so that the focal point appears on the screen during the slide show.