Loading Video Files in FLV format

Choose "Insert" > "Video Stream" to load and play FLV file. Minimum Flash Player Version is 8. Check export version under Movie > Export Options.

Customizing Video Stream

Double click Video item to specify the path to video file. To start testing video you can use one of the sample files:

The path can either start with http:// or you can use path relative to the SWF file. You can not use ../ to navigate to higher folders. You can use only FLV file in the same directory or in subfolders.

When the FLV finishes you can specify a jump to one of Main Movie frames in the "After finished jump to"" field. If you leave it blank the movie will just stop playing.

Loading Video Files in SWF format

Convert video file to SWF format (with third party converter) and use "Insert" > "Flash".