Customizing the Preloader

The preloader indicates the loading progress of your Flash file.

To add a library animation to the preloader

Choose "Movie" > "Insert Standard Preloader" and select one of the library items:






To switch off the preloader

To disable the preloader choose "Movie" > "Preloader Options" and choose "None"

To modify preloader messsage

The default message is "loading Flash". Choose "Movie" > "Preloader Options" to change progress font, font size and color. You have to type the font face manually. Use most popular fonts since Flash player is using system fonts.

To add an item to the preloader

Choose "Movie" > "Edit Preloader" and place items on preloader frame. Don't use anti-aliased texts, use HTML text instead. Hit Esc to quit the preloader and go back to the movie.

To program user defined preloader

To edit the preloader choose "Movie" > "Edit Preloader"

To create the simplest user defined preloader use the following code at the first preloader frame:

if(getBytesLoaded()==getBytesTotal()) gotoAndPlay("Frame 1");

This command jumps to Frame 1 of the main movie if entire movie is loaded, it prevents from displaying preloader unnecessary.

Add new frame to preloader thread (Frame 2) and add the following actionscript code to make the loop:

if(getBytesLoaded()<getBytesTotal()) gotoAndPlay(1);

This code jumps to the first preloader frame if the movie is still loading.

You can also add own code to display loading progress for example create edit field and use the code:

Edit1 = getBytesLoaded();
Edit1 = Edit1 + " bytes loaded...";