File Optimization - How to keep your Flash file small

If it takes too long to load your Flash movie try the following:

To check the size of the Flash file

Press F9 and read the size:

If the Flash file is too large (for example over 1MB) try to optimize it:

  1. Use JPEG format for photos. Flash Designer can export JPEG in native format saving a lot of space. Import photos in JPEG not in GIF or BMP format. If you paste a photo using clipboard it will be exported in bitmap format. You can convert it to JPEG using "Item" > "Image" > "Convert to JPEG" command.

    To verify if the image is in JPEG format select it and read the message on the status bar:

  2. Use "External JPEGs". Import JPEG images with "Insert" > "External JPEG". The image will be exported to separate file and loaded only if it appears in the movie. To convert existing image select it and choose "Item" > "Image" > "Convert to External JPEG". External JPEG files will be exported to the same folder with your SWF file.

  3. Try to decrease frame rate. Higher frame rates produce larger files. Default frame rate is 20 FPS (frames per second). If you are not using sound you can reduce frame rate to 12 FPS. To change the rate choose "Movie" > "Export Options" > "Frame Rate".

  4. Try Image Optimization. If you turn it on Flash Designer will covert all non-JPEG images to 8 bit images and reduce the number of colors. To use image optimization switch it on in "Movie" > "Image Optimization".

  5. Use clones wherever you can. If you duplicate a bitmap you should use a bitmap clone instead.

  6. Use text paragraphs or HTML text instead of vector text. Screen fonts take less space.

  7. Use Streaming Audio (Insert > Audio Stream). The sound file will not be embeded in the Flash file, instead Flash will load the sound while you watch the movie.

  8. Use MP3 sounds instead of WAV. If you use WAV sound try downsampling it to lower frequency using Windows Sound Recorder. Use mono sound instead of stereo wherever you can. Choose "Movie" > "Sounds" and review all sounds used in the project. Delete unnecessary sound files.