Instances and Clones

A clone is a copy of an item that you can put on another frame. To make a clone choose "Edit" > "Clone" > "Clone Item".

Item Name

You have to define item name (for example Rectangle1, Text2) so other items like clones can refer to the item. To rename the item name choose "Item" > "Placement Properties" or press F2.

You can optimize existing document by converting items to clones. To convert an item to a clone choose "Edit" > "Clone" > "Convert to Clone". You will have to select the original item for the clone. The new clone will replace the existing item.

To change the original item for a selected clone choose "Edit" > "Clone" > "Change Original".

Placement Properties

Placement properties define how the item appear in Flash Player. Choose "Item" > "Placement Properties" to change rotation or opacity of the item. These changes are not visible in the design view.

Color balance

Choose "Item" > "Color Balance" to apply RGB channel changes to an item, visible in Flash player only.