Effect Synchronization

By default all intro animations end at the same time and all outro animations start at the same time.

Specify intro and outro delay time to get effects out of sync.

To set global delay for all items

In the following example each circle has intro and outro animations defined:
Intro Animation: Fly from Top
Outro Animation: Fly to Top-Left

Synchronous Animation

Asynchronous Animation

Choose "Animation" > "Effect Synchronization" and specify Animation Intervals in seconds. This is a delay between the end of each intro animation or between the start or each outro animation.

The order of animations is determined by the stacking order. Items in front start first. To change stacking order select the item and choose Edit > Bring to Front or Send to Back.

Timeline View

Choose "Animation" > "Timeline" to view effect synchronization.

White color - the object invisible, blue - the object is moving, gray - the object is static.

To modify object timings in the timeline view

Select the item and change:
Intro or Outro duration (how long the item the object will move)
Intro delay (the time between the end of the animation and the frame)
Outro delay (the time between the frame and the start of the outro)
Intro or Outro Intervals (desynchronization for intro or outro effects)

To set individual delay for an item

Select the item and choose "Animation" > "Intro Animation" or "Animation" > "Outro Animation" and change "Delay" value