Exporting Flash Movies

Alligator Flash Designer exports Flash movies in SWF format.

SWF contains images, sounds and other data necessary to play the movie under Flash Player
HTM file tells the browser to load and display the movie
SFD is the source project file
JS is an optional file to prevent a warning message "click to activate this control" under Internet Explorer

Testing your Flash file

Choose "File" > "Export Web Page", save your SWF file if not saved yet. Select "Test page with HTML instructions" (default option). The web page should pop-up in a new browser window.

To publish Flash as a website

To create a Flash website you need 2 files. The Flash file (SWF) and the HTML file. The SWF file contains all images, sounds and vector data necessary to play the movie. The HTML file contains commands to load and display the movie. You have to upload both files to your Web server.

Choose "File" > "Export Web Page", save SWF file as index.swf. Select "Website HTML page". The web page (index.htm) should pop-up in a browser window.

Upload all files to your web server with FTP client or with Internet Explorer.

Uploading files with Internet Explorer

Open a new browser window. Type ftp://www.yourwebsite.com in the address bar. Internet Explorer will login to your website.

If you get an error click OK to close the error message. Choose "File" > "Login As" and enter your FTP username and password. Click OK.

If the website opens, browse to the folder where your HTML files are located and drag your HTML file and your Flash file into the window.

Uploading files with Selteco FTP Client

Download Selteco FTP Client, install and launch it. Choose "Connection" > "New". Provide user name and password (obtain it from your hosting company). Upload both files (HTML and SWF) to the remote server.

To add your Flash animation to existing web page

  1. Export your Flash file.
    Choose "File" > "Export Flash SWF File". Save the file in the folder with your html page.
  2. Generate HTML code.
    Choose "File" > "View HTML Code". Click Copy to copy the code to clipboard.

  3. Paste HTML code.
    Open your html page with your web editor and paste the code.
  4. Preview.
    Preview your page in your browser to make sure the animation is visible.
  5. Upload.
    Upload both html page and SWF file to the web server.

To pre-activate the Flash movie

Internet Explorer will prompt to activate the control. To avoid this message change the option "Insert Flash as" and choose "JavaScript Object". Make sure you will upload the JS file with your Flash file.