To paste a bitmap choose "Edit" > "Paste". To import an image choose "File" > "Import Image".


Press Print Screen key (press Alt+Print Screen to capture active window only). Paste the image into Alligator with "Edit" > "Paste"

Web images

Right click on the image in the browser window and choose Copy from the pop-up menu. Paste the image into Alligator with "Edit" > "Paste"

Rotating Images

Select the image and choose "Item" > "Rotate" > "Angle". Click OK. Press F9 to preview rotated image.


Select the image and choose "Item" > "Rotate" > "Rotate Arbitrary".

Image Outline

Double click the image and enter Line Width. You can also click Line Color button to change the color.

Importing JPEG files

Choose "File" > "Import Image". Flash Designer will export JPEG images in compressed JPEG format.

Bitmap Fill

To fill a shape with a bitmap or texture choose "Item" > "Bitmap Fill" and choose the bitmap item. In no bitmap is available you will have to import it.


Resizing & Cropping

To resize a bitmap choose the tool

To crop a bitmap choose the tool:

Select the bitmap and drag a handle to resize or to crop.

Bucket Fill

Use bucket fill tool to fill pixels having the same color. Bucket fill has threshold = 1 (all pixels must be the same).

Removing the background

Erasing part of the bitmap manually

Use the tool to make part of the bitmap transparent. Click inside the bitmap to remove pixels beneath the cursor.

To avoid sharp edges

If possible work on high-resolution bitmaps. When finished - downsample the image to lower resolution. For example if your target size is 400 x 400 pixels, you should work on at least 800 x 800 bitmap. Then choose "Item" > "Resize" to downsample the image to the final size.

Erasing in bucket fill mode

To erase a bitmap area of the same color hold CTRL key and click inside the area. It will erase pixels in "bucket fill" mode. In the following example white border was made transparent by using the "Eraser" tool in bucket fill mode.

Transparent graphics

Alligator is able to import transparent GIFs.

Loading External JPEG File

Choose "Insert" > "Flash" to insert a JPEG loader. The file will be loaded only if the frame is displayed. Use this command to optimize the Flash file.


By default image has no border. If a thin line appears around the image despite no border is specified you have to define neutral border line, for example use 1 pixel white line around white background image.