Actions will execute on one of the following events:

Creating web links

Select the item and choose "Action" > "Edit Actions" or press Ctrl+K. Select GetURL option and type the link. The link should start with http://

You can not use \ instead of /

To popup the link in a new window

Change the target to "_blank". If the link is blocked by pop-up blocker use On Up action (On Click may trigger the pop-up blocker).

To open the link in the same window

Change the target to "_self"

To create an email button

Draw or create a button (you can choose "Insert" > "Symbol" and select the envelope symbol), choose "Action" > "On Click". Select GetURL option, delete "http://" and type the link:

To open the link in a HTML frameset

Type the name of the HTML frame under the Target: field

To popup a PDF file in a new window

Change the target to "_blank" and type the path to your PDF file. The PDF file must be available online. See also:

OnUp Action

To define an action when the user clicks and releases the button, select the item and choose Action" > "On Up"

OnClick Action

To define an action when the user clicks the button, select the item and choose "Action" > "On Click".

OnOver Color

To define how the color should change when the user moves the mouse over the button, select "Action" > "On Over Color". Uncheck "No Color" box and select the new color.

OnOver and OnOut Actions

OnOver and OnOut actions will execute when the mouse enters and leaves the item respectively.


More Actions

Click More Actions to add more actions to On Over, On Click, On Up and On Out handlers:


To control the main movie from a sprite select the item inside the sprite, choose "Action" > "On Click", choose ActionSript and type for example:

_root.gotoAndPlay("Frame 2");

To jump to Frame 2 of the main movie.

The following actions are ActionScript equivalents:

When copying other scripts you don't have to enter on(press) definition, enter the content of the event only, for example instead of:

on(press) { movieclip1._visible = true; }


movieclip1._visible = true;

To create a clickTag action

The clickTag action is necessary to prepare the banner for ad tracking system. Add a master frame with Movie > Add Master Frame. Choose Insert > Clickable Area, select ActionScript option and enter the code:


Resize the area to fill entire frame with Edit > Align > Fit to Frame.