Welcome to Alligator Flash Designer

Alligator Flash Designer enables you to create interactive Flash content
with graphics, animation, navigation and sound.


Alligator Flash Designer is similar to PowerPoint. Your animation will contain one or more frames. Frames are like scenes.
By default each frame will appear for 3 second. The animation starts at the first frame “Frame 1” and loops after it’s finished.

See also: Working with Frames

To preview your Flash animation

You can preview the animation by pressing F9 key (or choose “Movie” > “Play Animation”)

If no content appears when you click the preview button or hit F9 key:

  1. Run Internet Explorer and choose Tools > Internet Options.
  2. Choose the Advanced tab, then scroll to the Security section.
  3. Enable “Allow active content to run in files on my computer”.
  4. Click OK.

To export the Flash file

To publish the animation export it to a SWF file, and include it in your web page.

  • Choose “File” > “Export Flash SWF file” and specify a file name
  • Choose “File” > “View HTML Code” to copy the HTML code
  • Open your web page in HTML view and paste the HTML code

You can also export an entire HTML page, to do so choose “File” > “Export Web Page” command.

See Flash Export

To create a slide show

If you want to use existing photos to create a slide show choose “File” > “Wizards” > “Slide Show” command.

See Slide Shows

To insert a link to a web page

Select the item and choose “Action” > “On Click”. Check “Get URL” and type the link for example http://www.selteco.com.

See Buttons and Actions

To share items between frames

To optimize your Flash file create a master frame and place shared objects on this frame.

See Frames

To save and open Alligator Flash Designer projects

Choose File > Open and File > Save to open and save Alligator Flash Designer project files.
Alligator saves project files in SFD file format. It is not possible to open and edit FLA or SWF files.

To import Flash files from other programs

To import Flash SWF file and place it on the frame choose “Insert” > “Flash” (the SWF file must
be available at specified path so Flash player can locate it and load it). To load Flash SWF
file and embed it on the frame choose Insert > Embeded SWF Clip. Alligator can not edit SWF files.


If you have no idea how to start we suggest that you complete these tutorials first.

See Beginner Tutorials

More tutorials online: www.flashdesignerzone.com/tutorials/